Sick Of Everything // It Was Kinda Cool


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released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


LFSX Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sick Of Everything
Fucked up again
I'm sorry it's a trend
I didn't mean to
Ruin your life so soon

I'm guessing that you're pissed
I would be, too
I guess we're kinda just feeling
Sick of everything, sick of anything

Lost and confused
Not easily amused
It's not your fault I'm just
Falling into the dust

Though distance isn't far
Our hopes together are
I guess we're kinda just feeling
Sick of everything, sick of anything

You said that it would be over
I heard you say that it's over
When you said that it was over
I felt my stomach turn over

Sick of everything, sick of anything
Track Name: It Was Kinda Cool
I'm everything I don't wanna be
It's kinda funny how I ended up to be me
At first I thought it was kinda cool
I never thought I would miss high school

When the best days were just hanging with friends
We had no idea how soon it would end
And four years long are four years short
I wish I coulda hung out with you more

And even though I feel the same
In some ways I know I have changed
I killed my soul so I could live
It doesn't hurt to be complacent

The days that passed we can't get back
Return to us when we see black
Like ghosts of ourselves from the past
They're gonna haunt us as long as we last